The biomass boiler for a sustainable home

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Biomass boiler: how it works
Biomass boilers are one of the possibilities to heat the house while respecting the environment because they use renewable materials.

To produce thermal energy, these boilers do not use fossil fuels, but renewable resources such as biomass, plant and animal organisms present in a certain environment and in a certain quantity.

Biomass as a renewable source consists of non-polluting organic materials used to produce energy: elements of vegetable origin such as the remains of agricultural or forestry activities, wood, waste deriving from agri-food industries or plant products specifically cultivated to be used as a source of energy.

Advantages and disadvantages of biomass boilers
Today, those who respect the environment, in front of the possibility of installing new heating systems, choose boilers and biomass which, unlike the condensation boiler or the gas or methane boiler , does not produce fumes or harmful substances that can be defined almost zero impact . The only problem is related to the production of particulate, formed by fine dust that is released into the air.

Biomass boilers can be powered by corn, olive pomace, or other natural organic products , and from this point of view, the use of biomass boilers can also improve the socio-economic level. But even here we have to make an argument, that is, agricultural resources are not always easy to find because the crops depend on the conditions relating to the climate and above all they are subject to an annual production that cannot be considered constant.

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