Plumbing system: vintage style without demolition

Plumbing systems need maintenance and when they are old they stop working properly. For this reason it is necessary to understand what to do in order to intervene in the least invasive way and carefully evaluate the methods, times and costs for rebuilding a hydraulic system together with a specialized technician.

A solution that is coming back into fashion and that makes it possible to redo the systems without demolition is the exposed hydraulic system for kitchen or bathroom, in copper or other elegant and vintage materials. Let’s see what it is and what are the most popular styles in Rome and the province.

How to make the plumbing without demolitions?
To understand how to do the plumbing without demolition, you first need to know which methods are used by professionals in the sector.

The new methods of intervention minimize the need for demolitions, excavations, service interruptions and inconveniences that can be perpetrated for a long time, without having to take into account that demolitions and excavations delay intervention times and can also cause other damages.

Plumbing on sight
In recent years, exposed systems have become fashionable again . We must in fact consider that the exposed plumbing in the bathroom or in the kitchen has never definitively gone into “retirement” but over the years has been increasingly improved and perfected, even in appearance, to meet those that they are the needs of aesthetics and design, not only in homes but also in shops, offices, studios. This is a way to deal with architectural constraints that do not allow invasive interventions.

Among the most popular exposed systems there are vintage-style copper ones and visible heating systems , as in these images.

To whom to turn to make an installation with visible pipes
If you need to redo your plumbing and have chosen the type with visible pipes, contact the professional, remember that the systems must be redone following the regulations in force, that the controls are very strict and that only the technician can issue you all the documentation and the related certification and finally remember that the security of your home depends on you who live there.