Writer paper who ever tries to wright diploma knows that this job is very difficult. And from these few hundreds of pages depends on your future life and at least last years when you enter university.

The diploma is an independent graduation work, which is performed by the student at the end of studies at the university in accordance with the programs of training specialists and bachelors. The diploma can be theoretical (a generalization of theoretical knowledge and practical skills) or creative (when a student creates his own project). The diploma is a modern “certificate of maturity”, the first independent scientific work that must be defended and defended before the certification committee.

To begin with, you need to decide which field you want to write the final work. When there is certainty in this – it’s time to choose a scientific leader. Usually, at the university, teachers specialize in a particular field. Proceeding from this, one should choose a specialist.

After that, it’s time to start collecting the materials. As sources, scientific works on this topic, books, textbooks, data from journals, reference books, etc. can be used. Collection of information is better divided into 3 stages:
direct collection of all materials (books, photocopies, files, etc.);
analysis of these sources;
systematization of the obtained data and their introduction to the problems of the diploma.

The introduction
Is the preparation of the readers, in this case, the members of the commission, to the degree work. Hence they must understand what it is about, what problems are affected, what is the relevance, what are the goals and objectives of the work

Theoretical part
This is the main part of the thesis. Usually, it contains 3-4 chapters and several paragraphs that comprehensively reveal the problem
Practical part
This part of the work is related to the previous one. If in the theoretical student analyzes the sources, then in the practical part there is an analysis of a specific subject. So, for example, for lawyers – this is an analysis of judicial practice, for journalists – an analysis of a particular publication

Here the student sums up the results of the work done and draws conclusions
In fact, writing a thesis is a rather complicated and lengthy process. It’s not for nothing that he sums up the five-year training in a higher educational institution.