Kitchen plumbing: everything you need to know

The renovation of the kitchen’s hydraulic system, or its implementation from scratch, is a complex activity that requires careful planning and implementation by a specialized plumber .

In this case, DIY could lead to serious problems in the future. Although sometimes the costs may not be low, it is an investment for the future. The choice of drains and pipes rather than of the elements of the plant, in fact, is fundamental for having a functioning kitchen, complete with accessories and appliances connected to the water system, which do not give problems in the long term.

Dishwashers, sinks, garbage disposals and hydraulic hoses that prevent galvanic corrosion are some of the fundamental elements on which to carry out hydraulic works to have a working system. Let’s see them in detail.

Plumbing work required for an optimal kitchen plumbing system
Sink and dishwasher
The plumbing of a kitchen concerns first of all the sink . It requires two delivery pipes, one for hot water and one for cold water , as well as a drain pipe that must be connected to the column with a slope of not less than 1-2%. The pipes, placed in the traditional manner, or leaning against a wall, must emerge from the wall in the empty space placed on the back of the base sink and unloading should be centered.

For those who install the dishwasher : this appliance uses the same drain as the sink but requires an own supply section, fitted with a tap. Not only that, but also between the cold and hot water pipes, and the connections to the dispenser group , you need a tap, this allows you to carry out interventions without having to close the main supply.

Kitchen and oven
As far as the gas cooker and oven are concerned , it is good to know that the rubber tube that connects the hearth to the pipe coming from the mains must be between 40 and 150 cm long . For those who decide to install the built -in hobs , a metal pipe is used that does not require periodic replacement, unlike the rubber ones. In addition to these connections, the Visat plumber , which operates throughout Carlsbad and Vista, is also called to carry out the connections of radiators, gas boilers and air conditioning plumber near me.

Some people, instead of the normal waste, it prefers to install the garbage disposal , namely, the food waste disposer which is connected to drain. Its purpose is to shred leftovers by the rotating disk. For normal use, just open the cold water and let the residues flow into the hole. Before installation it is good to know if the sewer system is able to receive the waste, without altering the sludge destined for purification, or in the case of old buildings, without causing damage to the pipes.

What is the cost for renovating the kitchen plumbing system
If you have to do the kitchen plumbing or you have to redo the water systems, the costs can vary greatly based on various factors, including the materials used and the size of the system.