How to make a plumbing: the choice of pipes how to make plumbing

For those who are about to buy a new home, for those who are in the process of restructuring or for those who have to make changes to the plant or to the sanitary, here is a brief guide dedicated to the plumbing : how to make a water system up to standard? What are the best tubes to use? Who to call to build the plant?

These and other questions will be answered by the plumber from Rome and the province , a specialized technician with over 20 years of experience in the modification and construction of water systems for bathrooms and kitchens, repaired water pipes and replacement of sanitary ware.

Features of a good plumbing system for the home
A good hydraulic system responds correctly to the legal regulations in force, it must supply drinking water inside the home and must have a correct disposal of light and dark water .

These three characteristics are essential and for this reason we advise you not to carry out DIY work or rely on a friend or an acquaintance. These works must be carried out by the professional technician who is able to issue the work conformity certificate .

The choice of the honest plumber to rely on is therefore the main aspect to consider. If you are looking for a trusted plumber in the province of Rome , contact me immediately for a free quote:

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Before starting work, it is also advisable to estimate all the expenses, making sure that you have the best price without foreclosing on the quality of the materials, so as not to have bad surprises and breakdowns, and it is equally important to make sure that a correct one is made over time. plant maintenance and overhaul.

Which pipes to use for plumbing
Copper pipes are recommended because they are resistant and reliable, and tend not to deteriorate over the years. The pipes of the water system are made of plywood, while the PVC pipes are often replaced with those of cross-linked polyethylene, because they resist heat.

Copper has other characteristics: it is a non-toxic material , it is waterproof , it does not overheat, it is recyclable .

PVC and polypropylene pipes resist corrosion, maintain good mechanical properties even at very high temperatures. Both materials are used for pipelines.

Regarding costs, copper is certainly the most expensive material, also because the quality is really very high.

Multilayer pipes for hydraulics
The multilayer is a material that is treated with a specific chemical process capable of making it more resistant to heat and therefore more robust. By means of an intermediate layer of aluminum, it is able to hold the curvature of the pipe. But if we talk about health, we cannot forget that copper is a material of ancient use, not only to create conductor, but also in the food sector, to create containers capable of containing food and drink.